Saturday, August 17, 2013

Global Food Markets in Sasang

Recently, I've been researching Ayurveda, an ancient and holistic study of health and medicine. Ayurveda is about exploring and adjusting the ever changing balance of your unique constitution. I'm really drawn to Ayurveda because the science of it is based in the properties of nature and it is highly intuitive. I'm just at the tip of the iceberg in my learning. There is a mountain of knowledge that would take decades to learn properly.

Regardless, I was really excited to try out new foods and recipes based on my Ayurvedic constitution (I'm a Vata Kapha, if that means anything to anyone.) The only thing is, it is pretty difficult to find some of the foods and ingredients that are often used in Ayurvedic recipes in Korea. (Oh how, I miss the days of Berkeley Bowl!) However, there are two options that many folks in Busan use to get more specialized market products.

  1. | This website has thousands of products including vitamins, supplements, natural health and organic items. They ship all around the world. You can enter my rewards/coupon code GLK339 and get $10 off your first order!
  2. International Marts in Sasang | Luckily one of my friends who has also studied Ayurveda told me about these three markets that sell a variety of Indian and Asian goods.

I decided to peruse the markets one Saturday. On my way to there, I was stopped by the blaring sound of Bollywood music. I looked up to find this:

Now it has been a loooooong time since I've had really good Indian food, so I stopped dead in my tracks and immediately walked in. 

Interior had individual, comfy booths.

Bombay Spices was a little more pricey that I what I am used to paying (dishes running from 10000 won to 18000 won), but during lunch time they have a set menu for 9500 which comes with a roti and three different curries.

This was the set menu. They allowed me to replace the beef curry with a lentil dish. The food was really tasty! 

After a very filling and satisfying lunch, I walked to the markets and was pleasantly surprised.  Though small in sizes, they had tons of products and every spice you could want!

My favorite of them all was Asia Mart, which looked like it was own by couple who were very helpful and kind. They also have an online shop where you can order and have things delivered to your door the next day.

I came home with a bag of basmati rice, yellow split lentils, Quaker oats, ghee, and coriander for about 30,000 won. SCORE.

With these items, I am planning to go on a detox mono-diet of kitchari for a few days. But that will be a later blog post.

Directions to Bombay Spices
From Sasang Station take Exit 3. Walk about 5 minutes and it will be on your right. If you walk past Emart, you've gone too far.

Directions to Asia Mart
From Sasang Station take Exit 3. Walk about 5 minutes and turn right at the street before Emart. Walk straight for a few minutes and you will see two marts on your right.  Go around the corner and Asia Mart will be on your left. TIP: Ask about their online and delivery options.

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